Tips to Survive the Holidays for Divorced Parents

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I came across this article and thought it was completely relevant since we are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. As I re-post this article from, please remember that one of the most important things mentioned in this article is that the kids should come first. Written by Kyung (Kathryn) Dickerson and Alan Plevy Divorce is difficult for … Read More

Will i have to pay maintenance?

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Another very common question I get is “Will i have to pay maintenance?” DivorceNet did a good job of summarizing it for us. Maintenance is another way of saying spousal support or alimony. During a divorce either spouse may ask the court for an order for maintenance either during the divorce to provide support for the transition, or after the divorce … Read More

How is child support calculated?

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I think the number one question I receive on a regular basis is “how is child support calculated?” In Kentucky, when a court sets child support, the court begins by looking at the monthly gross income of both parents. Please note that it is not based on the parent’s take home pay. The court will use both salary history and W2’s for the last … Read More

Upskirting is legal in Georgia – what?!

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Upskirting is the practice of surreptitiously photographing underneath a female’s dress or skirt. Upskirting often occurs by perverts who carry small video cameras or cell phones with photo capability in escalators in public places, outdoor parks, and shopping malls. Overall, it’s a pretty reprehensible act. Unfortunately, Georgia joined Massachusetts in saying it’s okay. As a woman, it disappoints me to see … Read More

Law firms in Walmart?

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It’s true. I suppose you can’t be surprised to see this, but it is nice to see people finding new ways to getting their legal needs met. Law firms are already inside some US Wal-Marts “When Evan Kaine, a personal injury attorney in Atlanta read a story in the May 2016 issue of the ABA Journal about Axess Law opening up … Read More

Great site for legal terms

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I realize that legal jargon can make most heads spin so here is a great page that provides a list of common legal terms and what they mean. Family Law Terms Here is a short snippet from sectoin C – C – COLLUSION: an agreement between two or more persons that one of the parties brings false charges against the other. … Read More

Afraid to Leave Your Spouse?

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Threats and abuse are a serious matter. If you are afraid, get out of the situation. Walk away and don’t look back. Period. Once you’ve let your spouse know you want a divorce and he or she reacted with threats, don’t stay. It’s hard to swallow but if you are afraid of your spouse then the marriage is over and you need to get … Read More

What is “Power of Attorney”

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Maintaining our ability to make sound decisions is something we would all like to think we’ll be able to do forever. The truth however is that their are numerous situations where it would be helpful to have somebody there to make decisions for us that are in our best interest. For instance, if you are out of the country, incapacitated, hospitalized, etc., Power … Read More

What happens when…

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same sex marriage

Same sex marriages are being legalized in almost every state as the opposition dwindles. An interesting question has since come up: What happens if a former spouse that is receiving spousal support is now cohabitating with a same sex partner? In the past, the law was usually pretty cut and dry that if you were cohabitating with a person of the opposite … Read More