Law firms in Walmart?

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It’s true. I suppose you can’t be surprised to see this,┬ábut it is nice to see people finding new ways to getting their legal needs met. Law firms are already inside some US Wal-Marts “When Evan Kaine, a personal injury attorney in Atlanta read a story in the May 2016 issue of the ABA Journal about Axess Law opening up … Read More

5 Reasons You Should Create a Last Will

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Here is a good article from RocketLawyer on why you should have a Last Will and Testament. 5 Reasons You Should Create a Last Will Although Wills and estate planning laws do vary state to state, one rule holds true: if you don’t have a Last Will and Testament, the Government makes one for you. That means your assets and … Read More

Free Divorce Resources

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Free Divorce Resources

Want to know why most people hire an attorney when they want a divorce? (Insert good lawyer joke here). The popular answer is because they want somebody to fight for them and protect their interests. While a good attorney will do that for you, there is a bit more to it. Divorce is a complicated process full of legal jargon … Read More