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Northern Kentucky Family Law Attorney

Melissa Doss Law is a small, agile firm located in Northern Kentucky that specializes in family and divorce law. As a family law attorney, We will work closely with you to efficiently help you resolve your legal problems. Whether you are involved in a divorce, custody dispute, adoption or need a will drafted or modified, Melissa understands that your legal problems can be emotionally difficult. You can expect us to be understanding and sensitive to your circumstances and you will receive counsel that is seasoned by experience and maturity. You will find that we will respond quickly to inquiries or problems.

Melissa knows Family Law and she will fight for what is right. In addition to being a tough attorney, Melissa is a nationally recognized athlete. She is a national champion in cheer leading and also a competitive Crossfit athlete. Melissa has competed as both an individual and on a team in Crossfit and most notably, her team took 2nd in the world at the 2014 Crossfit Games.

In addition to Crossfit, in Melissa’s downtime she enjoys spending time with her husband, Daniel, their two rescue pups, friends and family. Melissa also enjoys traveling, reading and shooting. When you want somebody that understands the law and is tough enough to fight for justice, you want Melissa Doss.


If your experience working with me was a positive one, please leave a review on Google.

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“Integrity, Intelligence and Energy’

Integrity, Intelligence and Energy are the 3 ingredients of success in a personal or working relationship/partnership. Melissa embodies each of these. I have the utmost respect and trust for her to handle your specific legal needs. It is a pleasure to be able to work and network with her.” Posted on avvo.com by Eric 2/24/2015′

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Personalized Attention


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A divorce is one of the most emotional ordeals you will ever experience, especially when children are involved.   Each case…

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Make the right custody decision

Child Custody

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Establishing a child custody agreement can be one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce. While every parent…

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You’ve made a contribution

Spousal Support

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Determining spousal support can be tricky. Kentucky family law courts will look into a variety of factors pertaining…

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Get help creating a loving family.


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The world is filled with children who need parents and with parents who want children. Melissa Doss is devoted…

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Ensure your wishes are followed

Last Will and Testament

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Because there are ways to safeguard the assets and estate you’ve worked hard to create in Kentucky, it’s…

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Modifications to existing legal docs

Legal Document Modifications

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When a judge issues a divorce decree, he or she will also issue orders regarding other matters such as child support, child…

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