The Myth of “Common Law” Marriage

I was recently asked about common law marriage in Kentucky, specifically about what it takes to get a divorce. If you asked almost anybody, they would say that people are considered married if they live in the same household for a certain number of years. In Kentucky, that just isn’t the case. Common law marriage [...]

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DIY Divorce: 7 Tips For Going to Court Without a Lawyer

Going to court without a lawyer is rarely a good idea. Going to court without a lawyer in a divorce case, where your children, your assets, and your future income are at stake, is the ultimate bad idea. Yet, sometimes, you don’t have a choice. You may not have the money to pay a divorce [...]

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What Your Divorce Lawyer Should Be Doing and When

The practice of law is not a science, but it's not exactly an art either. There are certain things your attorney can and should be doing. For some guidelines, refer to the following list: Your lawyer should have an overall plan for your case. This might simply mean that she plans to meet with your [...]

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