What is a Quitclaim?

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Today, more than any other time I know of, couples are doing more DIY dissolutions and divorces. Nothing wrong with that – until something goes wrong. I think it’s great when couples can agree to disagree and separate and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, a lot of DIY sites don’t make it as easy [...]

What are the requirements for divorce in Kentucky?

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A dissolution of marriage process may eliminate much of the divorce process and expense. Unlike a divorce, fault grounds are not at issue.  Dissolution is often thought of as no-fault divorce. If you are a resident of Kentucky, and you intend to file for dissolution, you should understand some of the basic requirements. The court requires [...]

Tips to Survive the Holidays for Divorced Parents

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I came across this article and thought it was completely relevant since we are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. As I re-post this article from huffingtonpost.com, please remember that one of the most important things mentioned in this article is that the kids should come first. Written by Kyung (Kathryn) Dickerson and Alan [...]

Here are 10 Things You Should Definitely Avoid When Getting A Divorce

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I have to admit a couple of these actually made me laugh out loud when I read them, but they are technically true. I was kind of surprised this list made it on Legal Zoom. Top 10 Things NOT to Do When You Divorce by Jessica Zimmer As anyone who's gone through a divorce can [...]

What happens when…

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Same sex marriages are being legalized in almost every state as the opposition dwindles. An interesting question has since come up: What happens if a former spouse that is receiving spousal support is now cohabitating with a same sex partner? In the past, the law was usually pretty cut and dry that if you were cohabitating with [...]

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