Since its inception in 1997, crowdfunding has evolved from being a platform for just entrepreneurs to a platform for anybody that needs help to ask for it. There have been some really wacky campaigns that have actually gotten funded too! For instance, in 2012, a guy started a Kickstarter campaign to make “Combat Kitchenware” and actually received over $40,000 to do it.

Noboro Botoy went to Kickstarter asking for $8 to buy a burrito and graph his enjoyment of it. He walked away with $1050.

Is it any surprise that people are now using crowdfunding for their divorce? Sites such as Plumfield and are two sites dedicated to helping people finance their biggest trials  and tribulations.

According to Sara Margulis, co-founder of Plumfield, “A divorce is one of the biggest life changes involving costly legal fees, setting up new household, even unexpected costs like when the divorce is contested,…” the website reads. “I recently set up a Plumfund for a close friend who was left financially depleted after going through a bitter divorce and drawn-out custody battle. It was truly inspiring to see those closest to my friend come to her aid,” Sara mentioned Plumfield in an email.

Crowdfunding can also be a way for family and friends to show their support. After all we are so used to our friends and family raising money for good causes online, why not get them to help with your divorce.