By Mackenzie McNeil and Melissa Doss

As we all know, co-parenting can be difficult for couples who are together and even more so for co-parents living in separate residences. We live in the era of apps, and while there seems to be an app for everything, we have found that some apps are more beneficial than others, especially in the realm of family law.

There are several apps that many families will include in their legal agreements to help improve family dynamics moving forward. These apps can help improve communication between parents, help keep track of important events, and be a helpful documentation tool. AppClose is a free Co-parenting app. In AppClose, you can set up and track parenting time and communicate regarding requests. You can also submit agreed-upon children’s expenses to split and export records for free.

Another Great resource for Co-Parenting is OurFamilyWizard. Our Family Wizard is $144 annually. OurFamilyWizard has more features than AppClose. In Our Family Wizard, you can do all the same things as AppClose, however, the app also monitors tone. If any foul language or evidence of a negative tone is detected, the app will not allow the message to be sent to the other parent. The messages you send will also show when the other parent views the message. The app can also track when parties arrive at exchanges with GPS-verified check-ins.

In addition to being great parenting tools, these apps can also help your family stay better organized! We often suggest incorporating a co-parenting app into an agreement as can be a great resource!