Here are some adoptions statistics:

  • 62 percent of children adopted privately are placed with the adoptive family when they are newborns or less than one year old.
  • 100 % of all birth mothers have the right to choose the amount of openness they want in their child’s life.
  • 21 percent of private adoptions are transracial.
  • Today, 99 percent of adopted children ages 5 and older know that they were adopted.
  • According to the S. Department of Health and Human Services, in 2014, 48% of the children adopted in Kentucky were 1-5 years old. About .4% were under 1 year.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in Kentucky, 75% of the children adopted are white while less than 10% are black.
  • Also, there is a pretty even split in gender. 50.1% are male while 49.9% are female.
  • In 2016, there were 4,627 adoptions in Kentucky. Bureau of Consular affairs.
  • The estimated cost of adopting from China is $20,000 to 25,000.

Adoptive Families Magazine surveyed 1,100 families who adopted a child in 2012-2013 and reported:

  • Average Total Cost: Adoption Agency – $39,966; Independent Adoption – $34,093
  • Agency Fees/Program Application: Adoption Agency – $16,962; Independent Adoption – $3,357
  • Legal Fees: Adoption Agency – $4,141; Independent Adoption – $12,693
  • Birth Mother Expenses: Adoption Agency – $3,233; Independent Adoption – $5,590
  • Advertising/Networking: Adoption Agency – $2,340; Independent Adoption – $3,978

Agency adoptions’ costs may be higher because of the amount of support and counseling offered to both adoptive families and birth parents.

Average Total Cost of International Adoption by Country 2010-2011/2012-2013

  • China: $31,801/$36,338
  • Ethiopia: $34,125/$45,960
  • South Korea: $46,688/$43,795
  • Ukraine: $42,035/$40,067

Average Individual Costs of International Adoption

  • Agency Fees/Program Application: $14,181
  • Dossier Preparation and Clearance: $1,818
  • In-Country Adoption Expenses: $6,412
  • Major Travel Expenses: $8,210
  • In-Country Travel Expenses: $2,234
  • Child’s Passport, Visa, Medical Exam: $816

* Each cost an average of China, Ethiopia, South Korea and Ukraine from 2012-2013

Foster Care Adoption

The least expensive method of growing your family through adoption is always going to be through your state’s foster care system.

Of course, foster care adoption isn’t for everyone and presents it’s share of challenges to adoptive families. However, every year thousands of families reach out to these special children in need of permanent homes. Adoptive Families Magazine found the following about foster care adoption:

Average Costs of Foster Care Adoption

  • Total Cost of Foster Care Adoption: $2,744
  • Home Study Fee: $231
  • Attorney Fees: $1,573
  • Travel Expenses: $342
  • All Other Expenses: $598