Imagine you meet that perfect someone, fall in love, and they move in to your home.  A few rocky years later you come crashing back to Earth and realize the relationship was a mistake. The relationship ends but the other person has no place to go and asks if they can pay rent to stay.

You accept the offer and try to remain friends, but it’s just not meant to be. Eventually, you ask them to leave, but they keep finding reasons not to. As the property owner, you have options.

In Kentucky, if you do not have a written lease, your rental situation is considered a month-to-month lease. To evict a person from your home, you must give them a written notice to move within 30 days as required by Kentucky law and specify the date on which the tenancy will end. While you don’t have to provide a reason, discriminatory or retaliatory motives are illegal.

If written notice to vacate does not remedy the situation, Check Kentucky state law (Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 383.695) for the exact rules and procedures for how landlords must prepare and serve termination notices and for any special rules regarding how tenants must provide notice. See the Laws and Legal Research section of Nolo for advice on finding and reading statutes and court decisions.

Additionally, you should check the state’s guide to tenants’ rights (see may also have useful information on how month-to-month tenancies end.