By: Jaclyn Taylor
November 1, 2019

Children are greatly impacted by their parents’ interactions. Whether parents are married, were married, or never married, their children view their parents example as to how they should interact with other people in the world. Thus, how parents speak to each other and resolve disagreements are crucial in forming the child’s frame of reference for communication not only for their childhood but for the rest of their life. If parents cannot communicate well, or in some cases at all, there are many options to choose from to improve their communication skills in the co-parenting context. Parenting Classes are the second of five different solutions that are presented in this series of posts on Co-parenting Communication Solutions.
Parenting Classes are offered in both online and in-person platforms. Classes are offered in a variety of different settings and prices (sometimes free). However, across the board, the classes usually cover co-parent teamwork, parenting style, formation of a parenting plan, communication rules and boundaries, and how to engage in interactions that will maximize benefit and minimize detriment to your children. Parents will have the opportunity to set ground rules together pertaining to how to communicate, what to communicate, and if a conflict arises, how to solve discord in a way that minimizes effect on their children.
The skills learned through co-parenting classes can help parents build a communication system from the ground up. While using these skills and adhering to the ground rules set by both parents is the responsibility of each individual parent, the co-parenting classes provide a system to properly effectuate communication that provides a positive example for your children. Co-parenting classes are a great resource for solving communication issues as they are offered in many different forums for varying prices. You may choose the one that fits your schedule, needs, and budget.

Photo credit: TeroVesukainen on Pixabay