By: Jaclyn Taylor
January 6, 2020

Unfortunately, when going through a divorce or a case involving the custody of minor children, communication between parents is not always the greatest. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from when it comes to enhancing communication between co-parents. A big concern between co-parents is being involved in the day to day happenings in their children’s lives. Particularly with young children under the age of five years of age, it is important to monitor milestones, eating habits, and sleep intervals. One solution to this is the usage of a Child News Report.
The Child News Report is a method of communication that is used to make sure both parents are informed of the things that happen in the day to day life of their children through a common recording system. The idea is that both parents journal in the same platform on the days they have the children and that this journal is shared by both parents. The specific platform used is not important so long as both parents have access and participate. Some parents may find that sending a notebook with the child to each parents’ home is easiest. Then, both parents may write an entry each day or span of days the child is with them and then the other parent can read the entries when the notebook is returned. A Google Document is another platform that could be used so long as both parents are added to the document and have the technology needed to effectuate the use of the Google Doc. Then, both parents have automatic access to each entry.
The Child News Report facilitates communication without having to speak with a co-parent face to face. This may be beneficial if co-parents are in place in their relationship where physically being around each other detrimentally affects their ability to work together to parent their child. This method is just one option to facilitate co-parent communication and make it less stressful for everyone involved.

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash