Adoption affects the child, the birth parents and the adoptive families. It has become a blessing for thousands of families each year.

More and more, women are choosing adoption. They understand the benefits of adoption and want what is best for their child. Because of open adoption, relationships can be ongoing between these women and their children.

Today, adoption is a widely accepted option for a woman who is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and is considering adoption for ANY reason.

Women who choose adoption:

Have a higher chance of education: Adoption can grant women with a chance to pursue an education and achieve her goals. Women who choose adoption are more likely to finish school and even receive higher degrees over women who choose parenting. Women who choose parenting at a young age are more likely to not finish school

Have a lower chance of living in poverty: Women who choose adoption are less likely to live in poverty than single mothers or need a public assistance. Due to being able to achieve higher education, they’re more likely able to find employment in their chosen career.

Are often still able to be a part of their baby’s life: Even after adoption is chosen, mothers are still able to be a part of their child’s life through open adoption agreements. Depending upon the relationship they’ve chosen, they can receive letters, emails, photos, and even phone calls. In some agreements, the birth mother may even visit her child periodically. This helps many women know that their adoption decision was the right one.

Have Peace: Birth Mothers have peace knowing their precious child is being raised in a safe, loving environment as well as receiving all the things they need and deserve.

Advantages for Adoptive Parents:

Adoptive Parents and families get a number of advantages of their own from adoption, but the strongest one remains to be that families get to either have children for the first time or get to add to their already existing family.

Adding a child to the family is always a blessed experience. Through adoption, families are able to experience the absolute joy of children in the home, sometimes when having children seemed impossible due complications. Same sex couples, infertile couples, and single adoptive parents are given the opportunity to experience and observe the gifts of children and family first hand.

Advantages for Adoptive Children

Adoption may give the most advantages to the children themselves. With adoption comes ample opportunity, and many adoptive children are able to receive the following:

A life their parents wanted for them: many Birth Parents choose adoption because they are unable to provide the life they desire for their child. Adoption gives the child a chance to have a home and grow up in the kind of environment their Birth Mother and father always envisioned for them.

Physical and financial resources: Through adoption, children are able to receive both physical and financial resources that otherwise may not have been available to them.

Love and support: Whether they are in touch with their Birth Parents, or in a closed adoption, adopted children are given the love and support all children need and deserve.

A family: Adopted children may be able to experience a home that might also include siblings.

Overall, adoption comes with a lot of advantages for everyone involved. If you are considering adoption, whether you are an expectant mother or family looking to add one more, knowing these advantages can help you in making your decision. Be sure to do further research, as adoption is a commitment that includes more than just a list of advantages.

What’s the process?

There are several types of Kentucky adoptions that you can choose from in your pursuit of the child adoption process. Each has its own set of adoption requirements that you must meet.

The three most common ways to adopt Kentucky kids include:

Domestic agency adoption

Domestic adoption agencies in the like American Adoptions offer all the services that birth and adoptive families need when you’re learning how to adopt a child in Kentucky, including birth parent counseling, financial protection for adoptive families and more.

domestic adoption through a full-service national agency like American Adoptions offers shorter adoption wait times and access to all the services you’ll need to complete an infant adoption in the U.S.

Foster care adoption

Although most kids in Kentucky foster care are ultimately reunited with biological family, 25 percent will become eligible for adoption. Many of these children are older, part of a group of siblings, or have additional needs.

Educating yourself about your options for adoption agencies in Kentucky will protect you, prospective birth parents and your child. Remember that:

Pursuing an adoption without an agency in Kentucky puts you in danger of adoption fraud and financial loss without the protection and professional experience of an adoption expert.

It’s illegal in Kentucky for you to advertise for a child to adopt or to advertise for expectant mothers.

Choosing a Kentucky adoption professional on price alone is ill-advised, as agencies offer varying levels of safety and quality in their services, meaning cheaper does not mean better.